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"Art is the joy of the process of creation, the freedom to create in the spirit of play and fun". - Chick Corea

Marco Ronca, born in Palermo (Sicily, Italy) on October 19th, 1989, began Piano studies at the age of 5 with Maestro Francesca Pitonzo.

Initially, for over 9 years, he had classical studies, which at the age of 13 led him to join the V.Bellini conservatory in Palermo, where he studied and graduated in solfeggio.

Still in that year (2013) his life game-changing moment took place thanks to the approach to a new musical language: Jazz music.

Still at the age of 14 (August 2005), he participated in his first jazz festival, the Castelbuono Jazz Festival.

At age 15, he began to attend the European School of Jazz music “The Brass Group” in Palermo, where he studied for 3 years with Maestro Diego Spitaleri.

In 2008, after attending four years of classical music at the Palermo Conservatory, Marco began to attend the three-year jazz university course at the V.Bellini Music Conservatory in Palermo under the guidance of Maestro Ignazio Garsia.

In the summer of 2009 he performed with the jazz orchestra of the Conservatory V.Bellini at Villa Celimontana (Rome), in a tribute concert to the great pianist and composer Luca Flores.

Still in 2009, Marco performed with his group and original project of Fusion music, the “Four Brains”, in the village of Fara in Sabina (Rome).

Later, in June of the same year, Marco passed the audition and undertook the study at the Kunstuniversität in Graz (Austria), considered one of the best jazz music universities in Europe, under the guidance of Master Olaf Polziehn.

In July 2010, Marco attended a masterclass at the Brass Group in Palermo, with the great American pianist George Cables, and had also the opportunity to perform with the equally large American double bass player John Webber.

In 2012 he had the opportunity to perform at the club "Le Scimmie" in Milano, as part of the international Cinzia Catania Quintet during the final stages of the European Jazz Contest.

In June 2013 he graduated from the Jazz Department of the Kunstuniversität in Graz, getting the Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Jazz.

In June 2014 he joined the international project "World-Fusion" Pangea Project, with which he had the opportunity to perform in Austria and Slovenia.

In the same year, Marco joined an international group of Afro-Cuban music, called “Barrio MIxto”, with which he performed in Austria and Italy, and organized also several Latin music workshops in Graz.

In June 2015 he graduated for the second time from the Jazz Music Department of the Kunstuniversität in Graz, getting the title of Master of Arts in Piano Jazz.

In 2017 he also completed his third degree, getting the Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy, Didactic and Music Education and the consequent enabling of teaching in music schools.

In the same year he also had the opportunity to perform with the Hangway Big Band, which hosted the young talent Louis Dowdeswell as Lead Trumpet, one of the most requested trumpet player at an international level by a lot of artists of different genres.

Nowadays, Marco is attending the Master in Pedagogy, Didactic and Music Education and combines his international concert career, ranging from Jazz to Pop, from Funk to Latin Music, from small groups to Big Bands, with Teaching, Composing, Arranging and Music Production.

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